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[Resolved] Kentico Website Login Issues

[RESOLVED] This incident has been resolved and was unrelated to the Kentico system or other PITO systems.

This incident was not an issue with Kentico or any PITO System.  A recent change was implemented on 1/11/2022 by the Division of Information Technology on the TAMU CAS (Central Authentication Server) service as a result of their efforts to troubleshoot an issue relating to their load balancer for the CAS system.  They have reverted this change and are continuing to troubleshoot on their end.  We are working with them to ensure this issue does not reoccur.  If you notice the issue again, please submit a TDX service request so that we can investigate.

Users trying to login and edit their Kentico websites or users logging in to access protected pages using CAS are receiving a "System Error: An error occurred and your request couldn't be completed." message.  As a result, they are unable to make changes to their websites, and/or are unable to view the protected/secured web page they are trying to view.  This issue did not affect visitors to websites to browse pages publicly.