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Alternate Work Location Frequently Asked Questions

1)     How can I get help for my computer/IT Issue?

The Provost IT Support Group continues to have essential staffing on campus during the efforts to practice social distancing due to the ongoing COVID-19 threat.

Our staff are maintaining physical distancing zones while in the office. If you are on campus and encounter them, please help them in maintaining safe physical space.

You can open regular requests as well as report issues. Please open an SDP request or follow your regular business process. We’re open for business, but may need to lower priority for some requests. We are also manning our hotline @ 979-458-5200. Always leave a message if no answer.

 2)     How can I get access to remote into my work computer from home?

Please have your supervisor submit an SDP request for all people in your department who will want remote access. We will need to adjust settings to allow you to log in.

 3)     Do you have any equipment I can borrow?

Equipment loans are possible for some equipment. Please have your supervisor open a request in SDP. FYI, there are no WiFis or Mobile Access Points available. You can try and purchase through Telecom or a local carrier.

 4)     I’m having Issues with VPN (not connecting, slowness, account locked out) can you help?

The Division of IT maintains the VPN connection to campus. They are available by phone 24/7. Please call 979-845-8300 to report your issues.

 5)     I am connected to VPN, but my computer at work is hung up.

Try ending your connection to your computer and restarting it. (Leave VPN connected) If that doesn’t work call 979-458-5200 and we can reboot your work computer remotely.


6)     I am connected to VPN, but my work computer says I don’t have “Network Level Authentication”. What do I do?

Network Level Authentication is only available on Windows Vista and later. We recommend using the Microsoft RDP Client from the App Store for Macs or Google Play for Chromebooks. If you have a newer operating system, make sure your settings are correct:


7)     Can I use some kind of software to answer my work phone?

Right now we are only assisting requests for work computers that need a soft phone for main lines, hunt groups, and numbers that ring on multiple phones, and those requests must come from department heads. 

However, you can forward your work phone to your cellphone. On your phone press the call forwarding button -> enter 9, followed by your cell phone number. Click OK. 

Some carriers allow you to hide your caller ID on your cell phone.

·        iPhone -> Settings -> Phone -> Show my Caller ID -> Off

·        Android -> Phone app -> Menu -> Settings -> Call settings -> Additional settings -> Caller ID -> Choose “Hide number”.

Remember to un-hide your number when you turn off call forwarding call on your work phone.


8)     I am working at home with my work computer and I can’t connect to

If you have a work device at home try accessing


9)     I cannot login to AABS Laserfiche forms / cannot reach a certain A&M website.

You need to connect to VPN, even if you have a work computer at home, to connect to Laserfiche. There will be a few other web apps like that. Try VPN first.

Part or all of this message will be posted on and on your Dashboard in ServiceDesk Plus ( For any questions, to have network accounts unlocked or to report an emergency (during or after-hours), please call 979-458-5200. Always leave a message if prompted.


Thanks, be well, and Gig ‘em!