Setup Exchange for iPhone & iPad

This Articles applies to: Everyone

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  2. This will show you your Mail and Calendar Accounts if you have any. From here you can Add or Delete Accounts.

  3. To delete an account, go to the account and scroll to the bottom. Click the Delete Account Button on the bottom.

  4. To add an account, go Add Account… and you will see this page for adding different types of accounts. For TAMU Exchange Mail choose Microsoft Exchange.

  5. Enter your <NetID> email address, Your NetID password and edit the description, if you wish. Click Next.

  6. You may get this popup. Choose Continue.

  7. Enter the server name, You do not need a domain name. Scroll down.

  8. Again, enter your <NetID> email address for the username and you NetID password should be there already. If not enter it. Click next.

  9. Choose the settings you want synched. Click Save.

  10. You should now see your accounts. Go to your email and you it should start loading emails momentarily.

  11. Go to your new email. Drag down to check for new email. Your email will load shortly depending on your connection.

  12. That’s it, you’re set up!