Using an S/MIME Certificate

This Articles applies to: Everyone

Please be sure to complete the instructions on all 34 points.

  1. Browse to

  2. Click on “Request S/MIME Certificate”.

  3. Click on Submit New Request.

  4. Select your email address that you normally use. (i.e.

  5. Click “Submit Request”

  6. The Following screen will show. Refresh the page until “Download Certificate” link appears. It should take just a few minutes. (You can also come back to later for it.)

  7. Click on “Download Certificate” link.

  8. Copy the password for installing this certificate. (image not shown for security purposes)

  9. Click on “Download Certificate” on the same page as in 8 above. (image not shown for security purposes)

  10. In the “File Download” Dialog Box, Click “Open” button.

  11. Click “Allow” button to allow this website to execute program on your computer.

  12. Click “Next” on “Certificate Import Wizard”.

  13. Click “Next” again.

  14. Paste your certificate’s password that you copied earlier and click “Next”.

  15. Click Next.

  16. Click Finish.

  17. Get into Outlook and Click on “File”.

  18. Click on “Options”.

  19. Click on “Trust Center” tab.

  20. Click on “Trust Center Settings” button.

  21. Click on “E-mail Security” tab.

  22. Check “Add digital signature to outgoing messages”.

  23. Make sure “Send clear text signed message when sending signed messages” is checked.

  24. Click on Settings button.

  25. Give your Security Settings a Name. (i.e. Any name will do.

  26. Click “Choose…” button beside Signing Certificate:.

  27. Select your certificate and click ok.

  28. Click ok.

  29. Check that “Default Setting” is set to the name you gave in step 26.

  30. Click ok.

  31. Click ok.

  32. Send a test message to yourself.

  33. The test message should have a digital signature certificate marker (red ribbon). Click on it.

  34. Check that it says Signed By your correct email address. You are then finished.