Outlook Room Calendars

This Articles applies to: Everyone

  1. Open a Room Calendar to view.

    1. Click Open Calendar in the Home Calendar Ribbon. Choose Open Shared Calendar.

    2. Click the Name button in the Open a Shared Calendar window.

    3. Under Address Book, click the drop-down arrow. Select All Rooms.

    4. This will show you all the designated conference rooms. Select the Calendar you want to add. Click OK to finish.

    5. On the left of the Calendar Navigation Pane, you will see the calendar you added and can check or uncheck the boxes for the calendars you want to view.

  2. Schedule meetings and book conference rooms with the Scheduling Assistant.

    1. Create a New Appointment.

    2. Set the time and date you would like then click on the Scheduling Assistant. The Scheduling view will display.

    3. Click on the Add Attendees button in the bottom left hand corner to add attendees including the room you want to schedule. You can also click the Add Rooms button to get a list of rooms only.

    4. Conflicts can be resolved by scrolling horizontally through time to find an open slot for everyone or by using the  Suggested Times area in the lower right hand corner.

    5. When your request for the room is accepted you will be sent a notification through email. Please don’t forget to add a conference room or you might not have a place to meet!