Menu Links to External Sites

This Articles applies to: Content/CMS Editors, Content Creators

Any page item that is created by default adds a menu item.  So to add a menu link to a 3rd party page you will start with creating a new page in the desired portion of the content structure.

After the page is created, select the page in the content tree.  Then click on the Properties tab, then the Navigation sub menu.

In the Navigation menu, select the "JavaScript command" action option.  In the command blank, type in:"Url to external site here");return false;
With the url to the external site in place of the Url to external site here text.  Make sure to leave the quotation marks.
i.e.  Wanting to link to would have a code block of"");return false;


Then click Save at the top of the screen and follow any workflow procedures.

Now your menu link should open the URL in a new window or tab without changing the content on the page it linked from.