Creating a New Blog Container

This Articles applies to: Content Editors, Site Bloggers

  1. Log into your website's Kentico Admin Dashboard (Use http://<sitename> and select the Pages application.

  2. In the Pages application, click on the parent document in the content tree that you want to place your Blog instance under.  This will translate directly to your site level navigation, so keep that in mind. In the example below, we have selected the "Blogs" page as the parent since this site will have several different blogs. 

  3. Next, click the New button as shown in the figure below.

    a user selecting the new button in the Kentico dashboard

    On the Please select new page type page, click on the Blog icon.

    a user selecting the Blog option from the new page type links in the Kentico dashboard

  4. Enter a title for the new Blog container in the Blog name field. Next, add a description for the purpose/type of content the blog will be used for.  

  5. Change the Open comments for field to "Disabled"

    Image of Blog page type fields to complete in the Kentico UI

  6. Save, Check-in, and Submit for approval (if approval is part of your workflow). Otherwise, click on the Publish button to publish your new Blog container to make it live.

  7. Now create a Blog Month to represent the current month and year (e.g. August 2020), and then add a Blog Post underneath the Blog Month.