Create an Event

This Articles applies to: Content/CMS Editors

  1. Log into your website's Kentico Admin Dashboard (Use http://<sitename> and select the Pages application.

  2. Open the Pages application and select an area of the content tree by left clicking it. Next, click the New button as shown in the figure below.

    a user selecting the new button in the Kentico dashboard

    On the Please select new page type page, click on the Event icon.

    a user selecting the Event option from the new page type links in the Kentico dashboard

  3. Enter a title for the event in the Event name field. Enter a short summary of the event in the Event summary field. Enter the event post's content in the Event details field.

    a user filling in the event name, event summary, and event details fields for their event

  4. Set a location for your event in the Event location field. Set the period of dates during which you want your Event to be seen via the Publish from: and Publish to: fields.

    a user entering a location in the event location field and dates in the publish from and publish to fields

  5. Save the event by clicking on the Save button.

    a published event on a Kentico website