Using PITO ServiceDesk Plus

This Articles applies to: PITO ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus Quick Reference Guide

Report an Issue vs Create a new Service Request

After logging in, the user is presented with two main options, “Report an Issue” and “Create a new Service Request”.
  • The Report an Issue link is used if you need to report a failure or degradation of a service. Issues such as hardware issues, unable to browse the internet, unable to print, or not being able to access your emails are classified as “issues” and should be reported using the Report an Issue link.
  • The Service Request link is used if you need to get a service completed.  A hardware upgrade, software installation, mailbox creation or new user creation are all examples of a service request and should be requested using the Service Request link.


You can quickly search for a solution using the search bar on the top of the page.

Catalog Drop-down Menus

The catalog drop-down menus at the top of the page give you quick access to pre-made templates for common issues and requests.

Requests & Solutions Tabs

  • Requests: Here, you can make requests and view detailed information about previous requests made by you and your team. Information such as status, requester name, creation date and due date can be found here. See Requests
  • Solutions: Solutions to common issues are found here and are constantly updated by our support team.
Home Screen
This is a view of the user home screen.  From this screen the user has access to the following capabilities:
  1. Report an Issue
  2. Create a new Service Request
  3. Select pre-made templates for common issues via Issue Catalog
  4. Select pre-made templates for common services via Service Catalog
  5. Search for solutions
  6. View  My Request Summary 

General Reporting Templates:
If not sure which template to use, select the pre-made “General Issues” template or the “General Support Service Request” template by clicking on Report and Issue and Create a new Service Request, respectfully.