Electronic Information Resource (EIR) Purchasing

Per the State of Texas TAC 213, based on Section 508, amendment to the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, state employees are required to gather an accessibility statement from all Electronic Information Resource (EIR) vendors regarding access to their products for persons with disabilities. 
  • Software (Including cloud or web applications)
  • Software Subscriptions and Online Database Access
  • Printers/Copiers (You should consult with PITO for leases to check for compatibility of support)
  • Scanners
  • Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Tablets and 2-1n-1 Laptops
  • Monitors, Displays or Conferencing Equipment.
  • Any software or hardware that requires the customer to agree to terms of service on behalf of the University should be routed through the Provost IT Office for review by FMO.
  • The Provost IT Office is unable to support Non-Enterprise Cloud Software. See the section below regarding purchases of Non-Enterprise Cloud Software and purchase made with a pro-card prior to consulting with the Provost IT Office. 

If a department or unit needs to purchase any of the items listed above, the procedure to do so follows:

  1. The department liaison (requestor) submits an SDP Request listing the item(s) needed for purchase. To open an SDP Request to purchase Hardware, please Click Here and login with your NetID. This link takes you directly to the "Request to Purchase New Equipment" template. If you wish to purchase new software, Click Here.
  2. The Provost IT Office (PITO) will obtain a quote, VPAT, terms of service, or contract if applicable and forward the information back to the departmental requester for review. (This ensures best price as well as uniformity of equipment/software.)
  3. If the quote is acceptable, the requestor will prepare a Purchase Request DCS attaching the quote from PITO, and entering the SDP ticket number on the form to ensure routing to the SDP ticket system. The DCS will route to the department head or designated approver and on to AABS.  Do not send the documentation to ats@tamu.edu.
  4. PITO will act as the shopper in Aggiebuy to initiate the purchase. This ensures the items are delivered to PITO.
  5. Asset numbers for equipment purchased through Aggiebuy are sent via email to the Property Contact in PITO, and PITO will tag the property if required.
  6. PITO will coordinate with the departmental requester to deliver/install the equipment ordered.
The following IT-related peripherals may be purchased directly by the departments, but the Provost IT Office will be happy to advise if needed:
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Wrist Pads
  • Toner
  • Web Cameras

Regarding Non-Enterprise Cloud Software and Software Credit Card Purchases in General.

  • It is never a good idea to purchase installable software or accessory devices with a Pro-Card or by other means without consulting with the Provost IT Office first. The Provost IT Office may be unable to approve installation of software, or any device that connects to a computer, if it has not been vetted or cannot pass basic security, accessibility or contractual compliance standards.
  • AABS must have proof of Accessibility Review before they can proceed with your purchase or receipt DCS.
  • If you don't get them the documentation in a timely manner, you could lose your procurement card priveledges.
  • We are here to help you navigate these requirements, however, in the case of cloud-based-software (not installed on a local computer), we are unable to provide this assistance. This is because we are unable to support non-enterprise cloud software to begin with, and do not have the resources to obtain the compliance documentation required for all EIR purchases by the Division of IT Accessibility Group for one-off purchases.
  • Also, "click-through" Terms of Service (ToS) and End User License Agreements (EULA), are the responsibility of the department and the department head is responsible for any liability to the University incurred by these agreements
  • Here are the steps you need to perform to give AABS the proper documentation:
  • For Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT), contact the company you are purchasing this from and ask them for one or any Accessibility documentation they can provide. If they don’t have a VPAT, contact the Division of IT Accessibility department at tamu-it-accessibility@tamu.edu for review and tell them the name of the Software, version, if applicable, and give them a website URL. (More information @ Division of IT Accessibility website (procurement): https://itaccessibility.tamu.edu)
  • If the VPAT shows that the product is not in compliance with the Division of IT Accessibility measures, you will have to apply for an exception no matter the cost of the product. The exception will need to be approved by your Division Vice President and the CEO or his designee. Please see https://itaccessibility.tamu.edu/laws_policies_standards/exception_requests.php for more information.
  • You may be able to apply for a Supplemental Exception. Please inform IT Accessibility for the review if any of these apply:
    • Involves essential purchases related to the university's academic, health, business and/or communications response to COVID-19 (This involves a product or service which would not have been procured or escalated to procurement at this time, without the need for a direct response due to COVID-19 or other emergent crisis).
    • Used by one individual only (will never be used by additional staff).
    • Used in maintenance and monitoring spaces by administrators or small teams of fewer than 20 members.
    • Represent an essential IT security solution.
    • Fulfill a critical need for IT infrastructure.
    • Used by a small research team of fewer than 20 members.
    • Used by a small departmental team of fewer than 20 members for required reporting or to create University-wide efficiencies.
    • Involves preferred pricing, which could expire if not expedited.
    • Involves a contract renewal which could cause a lapse in service if not expedited

Please direct all other questions about VPAT to the Division of IT Accessibility @ tamu-it-accessibility@tamu.edu or  Cynthia Kauder (ckauder@tamu.edu, 979-862-6834)