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OGS Academic Events

Provost IT has had many requests for an event registration/management system.  The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) was the first department that we partnered with to deploy our product, Academic Events.  OGS had the need to register students for several events throughout the year.  Some of these include: New Graduate Student Orientation, Thesis Office Pre-Submittal Conferences, and Graduate Advisor Workshops.  We worked with OGS to develop event templates that would allow them to easily create multiple events that would need the same setup each time.  Academic Events provides a flexible and customizable platform to do this.  Each event type could have event details prepopulated with default data, premade forms, and email confirmations that were configured for the event.  Academic Events also allows the organizer of the event to track, contact, and check-in registrants.  Since they were requiring their registrants to be students, faculty, or staff we were able to pull most of the registrant’s information from the campus directory.   This application/instance has been decommissioned.