Who We Are

The Provost IT Office provides information technology support for all non-academic and non-Division of Information Technology units and offices reporting up to and including the Provost Office. We are composed of four unique supporting units that are each responsible for specialized facets of IT related functions and support. These unique supporting units are: Information Services - Development, Information Services - Management, Technology Services - Support and Technology Services - Systems.

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What We Do

Information Services - Application Development

Application Development Team

The Application Development Team specializes in developing, maintaining, extending and supporting custom software applications that are designed and developed to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Information Services - Database

Database Team

The Database Team specializes in developing, maintaining, and supporting database structures, schema, tables, queries and other requirements for both our custom software applications and enterprise class systems and services provided by the Provost IT Office.


Information Services - EIS Shared Services

EIS Team

The EIS Team (co-located within EIS) specializes in developing, maintaining, and supporting custom software application integration and services directly related to the campus Enterprise Information System (Compass), specifically for services required by the offices, units and programs supported by the Provost IT Office.


Information Services - Web CMS

Web CMS Team

The Web CMS Team is responsible for the maintenance, security, availability and back-end administration of our clients websites residing on content management systems (CMS), provide client content maintainer training on CMS's, website helpdesk/service-desk support, user provisioning, advanced/complex website administration and configuration, best practices guidance, web accessibility compliance,TAMU Standard Administrative Procedures compliance, and quality assurance for the websites and web applications the Provost Information Technology Office provides.


Technology Services - Support

Support Team

The Support Team is responsible for the day to day upkeep, maintenance and support of all computer workstations, laptops, printers, scanners and computer related peripherals. We provide a superior service desk/helpdesk experience through the PITO Service Desk which allows for a centralized and expedient method of reporting and addressing client concerns, requests and incidents (problems). Our mission is to consistently provide high quality support and service to our customers, enabling them to more effectively and efficiently use technology to assist University Faculty, Students and Staff.


Technology Services - Systems

Systems Team

The Systems Team is responsible for the provisioning, configuration, operation, security and maintenance of the enterprise hardware, software and infrastructure for the as.tamu.edu domain.  Our mission is to give our customers a better server-side IT experience by making services more cost-effective through a streamlined and consolidated infrastructure, making services smarter and more efficient through integration with existing TAMU campus providers and resources, making services safer by meeting or exceeding all required State and TAMU security guidelines and SAPs, and making services more reliable by building disaster-resilient IT systems that will experience fewer and shorter outages.


Technology Services - Project Management and Compliance

Project Management and Compliance Team

The Project Management and Compliance Team is responsible for guiding and assisting office members in serving their clients successfully and efficiently by managing projects in a way that allows us to assess project risk, resolve issues, track project status, deliver desired and useful products or services, and maintain communication throughout the lifecycle of projects. The Project Management and ComplianceTeam ensures that all projects foster and maintain compliance within the governing TAMU System Policies & Regulations, TAMU Standard Administrative Procedures, Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Project Delivery Framework. We help our clients meet their objectives with the use of information technology through business process analysis and consultation by utilizing products and services that PITO, TAMU, or various vendors provide.