Siteimprove Web Accessibility Tool

This article provides instructions on how to use the Siteimprove website tool to report on and address website accessibility and quality assurance issues for your Kentico websites.

Check your Test Site for Accessibility Compliance with the Chrome Extension

This article shows how to install and use the "Siteimprove Accessibility Checker” Chrome browser extension.  It allows users to check and fix the accessibility compliance on their development and QA/test instances of their websites.  The online Siteimprove tool can only check live/production websites at this time.

Kentico Essentials Self-Paced Training

This self-paced training is designed for existing clients with live Kentico websites that have hired a new employee or assigned new responsibilities to an existing employee for maintaining their Kentico website.  This is the fastest way to get trained to edit your Kentico website.

Content Editor Best Practices

Best Practices

Create & Edit a Page

How to create and edit pages in Kentico

Create & Edit Links

How to create and edit links in Kentico

Upload & Insert an Image

How to upload and insert images using Kentico media libraries.

Hiding Pages on the Site Menu

How to hide a page from navigation in Kentico

Create an Event

How to create an event in Kentico CMS

Content Editor Toolkit

A toolkit of external resources for Kentico Content Editors (CMS Editors) and Content Creators.

Produce Camtasia Recording For The Web

Produce a Camtasia recording into an .MP4 file that can be streamed.

Requesting a MediaMatrix Account

MediaMatrix (MM) is an application to allow content creators at Texas A&M University to have more control over the distribution of their streaming or downloadable media content. The system is also designed to protect against copyright infringements and theft of intellectual property.

Upload Videos to MediaMatrix

How to upload a video to media matrix for embedded streaming

Create a Blog Post

How to create a blog post in Kentico

Website Requirements Documents

Links for clients to download the Web CMS website requirements documents.

Official Kentico User Documentation

Links to official Kentico documentation, for general users

How to clear your browser's cache

Sometimes your browser will have an outdated cache and Kentico will display incorrectly.  This instructs users how to fix this.